Scenario of TVCs on Body Lotion Brands, December 2017.

TVCs Duration of Body Lotion Brands.

In December, more than 8900 minutes of TVCs have been telecast in 24 TV Channels. Only four Brands of four Companies telecast their products on TV at the time. With more than 4100 minutes of TVCs, Vaseline Lotion was at the top position. Parachute Advanced Lotion telecast above 2900 minutes of TVCs and placed itself at the second position. Similarly, Meril Revive Lotion telecast above 1300 minutes of TVCs and placed itself at the third position. The highest telecast Ads were the Vaseline Lotion TVC ‘Tok-er Jatno Newer Somoy Koi Falafol Susko Tok Aamar Kaj to Shas’ with more than 4000 minutes.