Lux Soap Ranks Top Among Bath Soap Brands in April, 2018

April, 2018

In April, 12 Bath Soap brands telecast over 19,000 minutes of TV commercials to endorse their products on television. The top five Bath Soap brands in the figure aired almost 18,000 minutes of commercials, which is around 94 % of the total TVC duration of bath soaps at the time. Lux is at the top with a TVC duration of over 6500 minutes. Lifebuoy secured the second position by airing almost 5000 minutes of commercials. Dettol is at the third with more than 4000 minutes of commercials. Tibet and ACI soap, these two are at the bottom in the list of top five with a TVC duration of over 1200 and 1000 minutes respectively.