Fair & Lovely Ranks Top Among Cosmetics & Toiletries Brands, September 2018

Among 41 product categories, Cosmetics and Toiletries brands were at top in TV advertising in September. Over 48000 of commercials of cosmetics and toiletries products were telecast in September, which was around 25% of the total TVC duration at the time. Under this particular product category, Fair & Lovely ranks top with a TVC duration of more than 6300 minutes. Dettol Soap secured the second position with over 5200 minutes of commercials. Colgate Toothpaste telecast more than 3300 minutes of commercials and placed itself at the third position. Sensodyne is just below Colgate with a TVC duration of over 3200 minutes. Lux Soap telecast just over 2500 minutes of commercials and managed to place itself at the bottom of the list.