A Scrutiny of TV Commercial, 01-15 January 2016

TVC ProductsTV commercial is one among many platforms to carry out marketing campaign. It is still the front liner media platform to reach consumers to a greater extent. However, this report will focus on various aspects of TV commercials appeared during the first 15 days of January 2017. For example, TV commercial has witnessed over 110,000 minutes of duration. Besides, there are more than 2 hundred product categories under which all the commercials appeared in TV. Mobile Phone Operators' commercials appear to be the top advertising category with over 10 thousand minutes of duration. The second in the row is bath soap on which almost 7 thousand minutes of commercials covered. The other top advertising products are toothpaste, shampoo, and detergent powder; the figures of duration are more than 5.8 thousand minutes, over 5.4 thousand minutes, and over 4.7 thousand minutes successively. In addition, mobile phone operator Grameenphone is the top advertising brand with over 5.3 thousand minutes of duration. However, 7 January was the top advertising day with over 7.5 thousand minutes of duration. Meanwhile, 8 pm was the top advertising hour over the period with more than 7.9 thousand minutes of duration. To sum up, Independent TV was the top publisher of commercials with more than 6 thousand minutes of duration.