An Overview: TVC Scenario of Bath Soap Industry June, 2017

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Bath soaps of 10 brands in total, endorsed their products in 26 TV channels from June 1 to 30. At the time, over 34000 TVCs were aired on 26 television channels with time duration of more than 12000 minutes. Among the brands, Lux soap bagged the number one position with over 10,000 numbers of commercials which consume more than 5,000 minutes in Television. Following Lux, Lifebuoy with almost 7000 TVCs costing around 3,000 minutes. Dettol is in the third position with almost 2400 minutes of commercials and over 12,000 TVCs, which is much higher than Lux. Sandalina aired over 2800 TVCs and consumed around 900 minutes. Just an inch closer to Sandalina, Meril Soap is in the fifth position with more than 2100 number of commercials consuming almost 800 minutes. ATN news tops in airing Bath Soap commercials with over 2700 commercials that consumes around 1,000 minutes of its airing time.