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A Comparison Between Radio Broadcast of Commercials During November and December 2019

Radio Commercials saw 11pc growth in the month of December 2019 compared to the previous month. A total of 18 radio stations broadcast more than 36,400 minutes of RDCs, which was 32,740 minutes in November. Daily broadcast of RDCs increased by 120 minutes in December. Total 80 companies aired Radio Commercials while advertising 200 brands. In November, the number of companies and brands were 70 and 180 respectively. Pran-RFL maintained the highest duration of RDCs in December like the previous month with more than 3,900 minutes RDCs. In December, the highest advertised brand in Radio was Berger Paints, leaving behind the previous month’s top brand Vaseline Lotion. Among 18 Radio stations, ABC Radio aired the highest minutes of Radio Commercials. Cosmetics & Toiletries products made the highest appearance in Radio Commercials in the respective month.

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