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A Review of Radio Commercials, July 2017

In July, more than 32,000 minutes of RDCs have been aired in 12 Radio Stations. More than 170 Brands of around 80 Companies endorsed their products and services on radio at the time. With more than 7,000 minutes of commercials, Pran-RFL Group remained at the top position that is 23% of the total RDCs. Similarly, 2nd position Unilever Bangladesh 21%, 3rd position Banglalink 7%, 4th position R.B. Group 6% and 5th Position Jamuna Group 6% of the total RDCs. Banglalink has managed to secure the top position among the brands of Mobile phone operators with more than 2,200 minutes of radio commercials. More than 50 brands of around 25 companies launched new commercials in the month of July, whereas, the top advertisers of the month Pran-RFL group launched 14 new commercials at the time. Among 29 categories, more than 7,500 minutes of commercials on Electric and Electronic products have been aired on radio, which is almost 24% of the total industry. Total 31,386 spots of 30 sec RDCs have been counted in July.

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