National Print Commercial Category

During the month of October, more than 300,000 column-inches of advertisements were published in different newspapers. Bashundhara Group published almost 4,370 column-inches of ads in newspapers, which is highest among 1,200 companies. Bashundhara was followed by FSIBL, Walton Group, Unilever and Exim Bank. Bashundhara Group promoted total 14 products and services in Print Media in October. More than 1,500 brands were advertised in Print Media during the month. Among them, Walton Refrigerator consumed almost 1,700 column-inches of newspapers, which is highest among brands. Total 40 different types of products andRead More
During the month of September, 49 noted newspapers published 318,800 column-inches of advertisements. Out of this, more than 2,400 column-inches of advertisements were published on Automobiles. Total 14 automobile companies advertised their brands through Print Media. TVC Motor Company dominated in print media advertising among automobile companies, with 615 col-inches of advertisements. Suzuki Motor Corporation became the second top automobile advertiser by consuming more than 530 col-inches of different newspapers. Advertisements on Toyota Motor Corporation consumed more than 190 col-inches while securing third position followed by Runner Automobiles, Shandong TangjunRead More
This report will focus on the advertisement monitoring report of mobile phone operators in regional newspapers during December 2016. Five operators of the country together circulated over 4.6 thousand column-inches of advertisements. The top advertiser Grameenphone spared almost 2.4 thousand column-inches, while the nearest advertiser Robi promoted over 1.4 thousand column-inches. The remaining two operators are Airtel and Teletalk; the figures of duration are more than 4 hundred column-inches and over 3 hundred column-inches successively. However, the top advertising day for mobile phone operators in regional newspaper was 24 DecemberRead More
There are almost 6 thousand column-inches of cosmetics and toiletries advertisements took place in magazines during December 2016. More than 40 brands honed their commercial over this one month period. The top advertising brand Meril Revive Lotion appeared with over 6 hundred column-inches of advertisements, while petroleum jelly brand Vaseline had spared over 5 hundred column-inches. In the meantime, Lalbag Chemical’s product Laxmi Bilash was promoted consuming over 3 hundred column-inches. However, the first day of December was the top advertising day for cosmetics and toiletries brands in magazine advertisementsRead More
Fashion and lifestyle is one of the highlighted advertising categories in magazine advertising. There are around 8 fashion and lifestyle brands that came up with their print media advertisements in magazines. All the brands together circulated over 4 hundred column-inches of advertisements. Brand shop Time Zone becomes the top advertising brand having published around 1 hundred column-inches of advertisements. Another brand Pearls Paradise appeared with around 80 column-inches. However, the top advertising day for fashion and lifestyle products was 2 December with more than 2 hundred column-inches. To finish up,Read More