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Around 350 news reports on mobile phone operators were published online throughout December 2016. The highest number of report was circulated on Grameenphone and it is over 150 news reports. In the meantime, more than 100 reports were covered on Robi. Among the remaining two operators, one is state owned operator Teletalk and another is Banglalink; the figures of news reports are more than 70 and over 60 reports respectively. Besides, there are news reports of mobile handsets which were published as paired device with mobile phone operators. GIAC GCIHRead More
The news reports are created in newspapers everyday for numerous reasons. Sometimes they appear in news for bad reasons, while most of the times they are intended to reach consumers or customers. However, more than 5 hundred news reports were created on mobile phone operators of the country during October 2016. Grameenphone ranks top in the list with more than 2 hundred news reports all throughout October 2016. In the meantime, more than hundred news reports were produced on Robi which was followed immediately by government owned operator Teletalk withRead More
Mobile phone operator ads consumed almost 80 Lac pixels in online during the second week of July 2016. Only 4 operators pictured themselves online throughout the week. Grameenphone tops the list by promoting almost 40 Lac pixels, while Robi followed with almost 24 Lac pixels. State owned mobile service provider Teletalk generated over 10 Lac pixels, while Banglalink appeared with over 5 Lac pixels. However, the top advertising day for mobile phone operator is 14 July with more than 15 Lac pixels of ads; hence, having published over 13 LacRead More