Radio Commercial Category

Petroleum jelly is the kind of product that appears to a greater extent in both TV and radio commercials. There are only four petroleum jelly brands which were aired through major radio stations of the country over the period 01-15 January 2017. All these four brands together consumed over 6 hundred minutes of commercial duration. Unilever brand Vaseline ranks top in the list with over 4 hundred minutes of duration. Another brand that promoted a significant figure of RDCs duration is Meril Petroleum Jelly with more than 1 hundred minutesRead More
Potato Chip is always one of the common advertising products in radio. For example, more than 8 hundred minutes of advertisements were played in radio during the first fifteen days of January 2017. Out of total duration, the top brand Cheese Puffs was promoted for over 6 hundred minutes. Another two major brands are Krackers Kings and Ifad Chips; the figures of duration are over 1 hundred minutes and around 10 minutes subsequently. However, the top advertising day for commercials on chips was 3 January with around 70 minutes ofRead More
Radio commercial witnessed more than 5 hundred minutes of commercial duration on biscuits. There are only four biscuit brands which were endorsed in radio during December 2016. The top biscuit brand Olympic First Choice Biscuit was promoted consuming almost 4 hundred minutes over a month’s period. In the meantime, another brand Ifad Biscuit was endorsed for almost 50 minutes. However, 9 pm was the top advertising hour for biscuit commercials in radio and the duration is almost 70 minutes. Moreover, Radio Amar as the top publisher radio station promoted aroundRead More