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TV Commercials on Mobile Financial Services and Digital Financial Services increased significantly in April. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people are opening mobile banking accounts for transactions and receiving salary and wages. As a result, TVCs on MFS and DFS brands increased by more than 20 % in the month of April. bKash aired highest ads which was 18,200 minutes followed by Rocket, Nagad, Go SMART, NexusPay, Cellfin, mCash, Islamic Wallet and Go App. Total 26,000 minutes TVCs were aired during the month on MFS/DFS brands. bKash alone contributed around 70%Read More
Bath Soap brands maintained a significant presence on TV during March with more than 19,500 minutes of TVCs. Total TVC duration was recorded around 243,000 minutes in March. Bath Soap brands consumed more than 8 % to the total TVC duration or ad-spent. Total 15 bath soap brands were advertised on 31 local TV channels during the month. Lifebuoy Soap was the month’s top bath soap as this Unilever brand was promoted on different TV channels for around 6,350-minutes, followed by Lux Soap, Dettol Soap, Fair & Lovely Glowing, SandalinaRead More
During the month of March, the presence of advertisers in TV media saw a growth of more than 8 % with almost 400 companies promoting their products and services. These advertisers promoted around 750 of their brands. In the previous month- February, some 370 companies advertised their products and services on TV. More than 700 brands were advertised by these companies in February. Unilever Bangladesh Limited maintained the top advertiser’s crown with the highest TVC duration in March as well. Unilever was followed by advertisers like Marico and Pran-RFL. AmongRead More
A significant number of advertisers or companies promoted their products and services on both TV and Radio media. However, TV media maintained a huge lead over the Radio media in terms of the number of advertisers, brands and also duration of commercials aired on screen. More than 30 local TV Channels aired more than 224,000 minutes of TVCs in February while promoting almost 370 companies. On the other hand, 18 top Radio stations broadcast around 19,200 minutes of commercials while promoting some 65 companies. Around 700 brands were advertised onRead More
In 2019, motorcycle brands maintained a significant presence on TV with more than 15,920 minutes of TV Commercials or TVCs. A total of eight brands were advertised on 31 local TV channels from January to December last year. Hero Motorcycle dominated TV media by airing more than 5,100 minutes of TVCs. Hero motorcycle was advertised for more than 15,800 times on TV channels, which was the highest as well. Pulser was the second most-highlighted motorcycle brand in TV with almost 4,600 minutes of TVCs. Pulser bike was promoted on TVRead More
During the month of December 2019, TV advertisers aired almost 209,500 minutes of Commercials (TVC) in 31 local TV channels. Around 350 companies promoted their brands this time. Mobile Financial Service (MFS) and Digital Financial Service (DFS) maintained a significant appearance on TV through TVCs during the month. A total of seven MFS and DFS brands were promoted on TV during December with almost 8,130 minutes of TVCs, which was almost 4 % of the total TVC duration. bKash aired highest minutes of TVCs among MFS & DFS brands, followedRead More
Mobile Phone Operators (MPO) became headlines in a significant number of TV news during the month of December. A total of 30 different reports were telecast on four Mobile Phone Operators in 31 local TV channels during the month. “Telenor’s legal notice to the President” was the most highlighted news on TV in December. Grameenphone Limited became the most highlighted MPO in TV news. A total of 18 TV reports related to Grameenphone were telecast on screen. “Telenor’s legal notice to the President” was the highest telecast news on Grameenphone.Read More
During the month of December, a total of seven automobile brands aired TV Commercials (TVC) in 31 local TV channels. At this time, automobiles aired more than 1,000 minutes of TVCs, contributing less than 1% of the total TVC duration. TVS Motorcycle aired the highest TVCs with more than 320 minutes of duration. TVS Motorcycle contributed more than 31 % to the total duration of TVCs on Automobile brands. Nitol Tata Pickup advertised its brand for almost 300 minutes, finishing at second in TVC duration. Nitol Tata Truck was promotedRead More
Local TV channels aired almost 10,270 minutes of TVCs on Body Lotion brands during the month of December 2019. Total seven body lotion brands were promoted on 31 local TV channels. Among the body lotion brands, Vaseline Body Lotion was advertised for the highest duration with almost 4,840 minutes of TVCs. Vaseline Body Lotion contributed more than 47 % to the total TVC duration. Parachute Body Lotion aired more than 3,880 minutes of TVCs on TV during the respective month. Other five brands including Meril Revive Body Lotion, Beautina BodyRead More
During the month of November, total 105 TV news were made on Mobile Phone Operators (MPO). Among four MPOs, Grameenphone was highlighted in 86 news, which was highest among MPOs. With appearing in 86 TV news, Grameenphone became the most highlighted operator on TV during the month of November. Grameenphone came in 82pc of TV news made on MPOs. 10 TV reports were made on Robi Axiata. Banglalink became the least highlighted MPO on TV during November with 9 TV reports made on the telecom operator. State-run Teletalk didn’t appearRead More