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Transaction through mobile phone has become very popular in Bangladesh since it is easy and safe. During the month of June, country’s top mobile financial service providers or MFS promoted their brands through television commercials. Almost 3,040 minutes of commercials were aired on different TV channels during the month while promoting five MFS. TV commercials or TVCs of bKash were shown most on TV. Among MFS’, bKash dominated on TV in airing TVCs with more than 2,020 minutes of TVCs. bKash maintained a huge distance with its competitors in termsRead More
Giant companies invest huge money in media monitoring, research, development and innovation. Those that roll the dice on research and development (R&D) tend to generate bigger profits than those that don’t. Analysis shows that companies those spend more money in R&D grow faster than others. Top seven companies, those spent highest amount of money in R&D in 2018, are also among top profit-making companies. These companies spent huge money in media monitoring, market analysis, and other relative purposes. In 2018, Amazon spent $22.6 billion in R&D which was the highestRead More

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Walton Refrigerator Appears on TV Most in June

Eid-ul Adha is coming closer. Customers are waiting for exclusive offers on purchasing refrigerator to replace the old one. Keeping that in mind, different refrigerator brands promoted their products through TV commercials during the month of June. In June, total 11 refrigerator brands kept their presence through TV commercials. More than 6,100 minutes of TVCs on refrigerators were aired on TV during the highlighted month. Walton Refrigerator was the most advertised refrigerator brand in June with a TVC duration of more than 2,710 minutes. Singer Refrigerator became the second topRead More

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Summary of Top TVC Brands in June 2019

During the month of June, almost 500 companies endorsed their products on Television to promote more than 900 brands. More than 178,700 minutes of TVCs were recorred in June. This month, the duration of total TVCs decreased by almost 30% compared to the duration of total TVCs in May. Top five brands consumed almost 13 % of the total TVC duration in the respective month. Horlicks surpassed all brands in TVC with a duration of almost 6,200 minutes. Horlicks consumed almost 3.5 % share of the total ad-spent in June.Read More
In the month of May 2019, four mobile phone operators – Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi and Airtel promoted their telecommunication services on 31 local TV channels. Four mobile phone operators kept their presence for more than 18,400 minutes through television commercials. With almost 9,100 minutes of television commercials, Grameenphone stayed ahead of its competitors – with almost 50 % of the total TVCs aired by mobile phone operators. Robi became the second most advertised mobile phone operator with almost 4,250 minutes of television commercials. Banglalink ranked third with a TVC durationRead More

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TVC Summary of consumer products, April 2019

In the month of April 2019, almost 253,500 minutes of tv commercials of different kinds were aired on 31 television channels. Among 40 different kinds of product categories, Consumer products consumed almost 8.5 % of the total ad-spend with TVC duration of more than 21,500 minutes. Total 33 brands of 12 types of consumer products kept their presence on tv during April. Film-Movie became the most popular segment for airing TVC of consumer products. More than 33 % (in terms of minutes) TVCs of consumer products were aired during MovieRead More
During the month of April 2019, 31 local television channels aired almost 253,500 minutes of TVCs of more than 350 companies. More than 700 brands were promoted throughout the month. Cosmetics & Toiletries maintained the top place among 40 categories with over 73,100 minutes of television commercials of its kind, which is almost 29 % of the total TVC duration at the time. Shampoo brands consumed almost 6 % of the total ad-spent endorsed on TV under this category. Sunsilk Shampoo surpassed all other shampoo brands with more than 1,850Read More
Different air conditioner brands kept their presence on television during April as the summer heat continues to drive up. Total 10 air conditioner brands were advertised on 31 channels for more than 3,230 minutes during the month of April. Top five brands consumed almost 95 % share of the total ad-spent of the respective brand category with more than 3,070 minutes of television commercials. Walton-AC dominated the air conditioner brand in the month. Walton-AC was aired 2,040 times to dominate the brand with almost 1,050 minutes of TVCs. While securingRead More
Like previous months, top brands of different companies continued to compete with each other in promoting their different products via 31 television channels in April. Almost 253,500 minutes of television commercials were aired during the month. Bath Soap brands consumed a significant share of TVC duration as summer heat continues to drive up. In the month of April, 13 Bath Soap brands telecast almost 20,200 minutes of TVCs to endorse their products on television. The top five Bath Soap brands consumed more than 95 % of the total TVC duration.Read More
Total 230 types of products kept their presence on screen during the month of April, by airing television commercials in 31 channels. Almost 253,500 minutes of tv commercials or TVCs were aired throughout the month. Mobile Phone Operators led April’s TVC scenario followed by Bath Soap, Hair Oil, Milk Nutritious and Toothpaste products. Mobile Phone Operators surpassed other products by airing more than 21,450 minutes of TVCs while Grameenphone became the top operator in terms of TVC duration. Bath Soap secured the second place by airing almost 20,200 minutes ofRead More