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In September, 49 noted newspapers published advertisements on more than 40 categories. Total 318,800 column-inches of advertisements were published in print media. Highest column-inches of ads were published on Banking Services. Banking Service became the most advertised category among 40 different types of products and services with more than 47,400 column-inches of advertisements. Construction Materials became the second highest promoted ad category with almost 6,950 column-inches ads. Housing & Real Estate consumed over 6,200 column-inches while securing the third position followed by Cosmetics & Toiletries and Electric & Electronics products.Read More
In the last six months, starting from April to September 2019, June saw highest number of advertisers and brands due to Ramadan that took place in May and June. In June, almost 500 companies promoted more than 900 brands with a TVC duration of 178,700 minutes. In September, the number of advertisers declined by almost 12pc compared to the number of advertisers during April. In September, 310 companies/advertisers chose TV to promote 570 brands. Advertisers appeared more during festivals. The traditional advertising seems to be on downward trend since advertisersRead More
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During the month of August, total 17 mobile handset manufacturing companies came into news on noted national newspapers. Total 10,454 column-inches of news on mobile handsets were published in the month while Huawei remained at the top being highlighted most in print news with more than 3,130 column-inches of news of its kind. Samsung became the second top highlighted handset company in local news by consuming more than 2,300 column-inches of news. Apple, Xiaomi and Oppo were third, fourth and fifth top handset company by consuming around 1,000 column-inches, 500Read More
Bath Soap brands kept significant presence on screen during August through TV commercials. Around 231,300 minutes of TVCs were aired on local tv channels in August. Total 15 bath soap brands were endorsed on TV with more than 15,950 minutes of commercials, which is around 7pc of the total TVC duration. Lux Soap became the most advertised soap on TV with more than 7,600 minutes TVCs leaving behind Dettol, Lifebuoy, Meril, Sandalina and five more soap brands. Dettol was the second highest promoted soap brand with almost 2,950 minutes TVCs.Read More
During the month of August, total 22,250 minutes of commercials were aired in radio channels. Almost 100 different products and services were promoted by more than 60 companies in radio during the month. Mobile Phone Operators remained at the top position in airing highest minutes of radio commercials or RDCs. Almost 2,250 minutes of commercials of different mobile phone operators were telecast on radio. Banglalink aired almost 1,130 minutes of RDCs which was highest among mobile phone operators. Grameenphone promoted its various offers and services for more than 750 minutesRead More
Bangladeshi newspapers published significant number of news on telecom operators during the month of August. Five mobile phone operators including Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi Axiata Ltd, Airtel Bangladesh and state-run Teletalk became headlines in local nationals. More than 9,550 column-inches of news, related to telecom operators, were published in August. Grameenphone was the most highlighted telecom operator in print media. Almost 3900 column-inches of news, related to Grameenphone, were published during the month. Robi Axiata became the second most highlighted telecom operator in print news by consuming almost 3,000 column-inches ofRead More
Total seven motorbike companies advertised their brands in Bangladeshi newspapers during August. TVS Motor Company Limited got highest print media coverage for its brands by consuming around 350 column-inches of different newspapers. Hero Motocorp Limited stayed just behind TVS by consuming almost 340 column-inches space on noted print media. Suzuki Motor Corporation followed Hero with almost 270 column-inches of advertisements while Bajaj Auto Limited became the fourth highest promoted motorbike company with more than 200 column-inches of advertisements. Honda Motor Company Limited, Yamaha Motor Company Limited and Runner Automobiles LimitedRead More