TV Commercial Category

During the month of December 2019, TV advertisers aired almost 209,500 minutes of Commercials (TVC) in 31 local TV channels. Around 350 companies promoted their brands this time. Mobile Financial Service (MFS) and Digital Financial Service (DFS) maintained a significant appearance on TV through TVCs during the month. A total of seven MFS and DFS brands were promoted on TV during December with almost 8,130 minutes of TVCs, which was almost 4 % of the total TVC duration. bKash aired highest minutes of TVCs among MFS & DFS brands, followedRead More
During the month of December, a total of seven automobile brands aired TV Commercials (TVC) in 31 local TV channels. At this time, automobiles aired more than 1,000 minutes of TVCs, contributing less than 1% of the total TVC duration. TVS Motorcycle aired the highest TVCs with more than 320 minutes of duration. TVS Motorcycle contributed more than 31 % to the total duration of TVCs on Automobile brands. Nitol Tata Pickup advertised its brand for almost 300 minutes, finishing at second in TVC duration. Nitol Tata Truck was promotedRead More
Local TV channels aired almost 10,270 minutes of TVCs on Body Lotion brands during the month of December 2019. Total seven body lotion brands were promoted on 31 local TV channels. Among the body lotion brands, Vaseline Body Lotion was advertised for the highest duration with almost 4,840 minutes of TVCs. Vaseline Body Lotion contributed more than 47 % to the total TVC duration. Parachute Body Lotion aired more than 3,880 minutes of TVCs on TV during the respective month. Other five brands including Meril Revive Body Lotion, Beautina BodyRead More
Body lotion products have started getting promoted on TV as winter is approaching fast. Total seven body lotion brands appeared on screen during November by airing more than 15,950 minutes of TV Commercials. Total 247,800 minutes of TVCs were aired by 31 local TV channels. Body lotion brands consumed around 6.5 % of total TVC duration. Vaseline Lotion stayed ahead among similar brands by running more than 6,220 minutes of TVCs. Parachute Body Lotion followed Vaseline Lotion by airing almost 3,500 minutes of TVCs. Parachute Just for Baby Lotion becameRead More
Local TV channels telecast almost 238,300 minutes of TV Commercials in October. Almost 350 companies advertised more than 620 brands during October. Number of brands advertised on TV increased by more than 8% in October. Unilever Bangladesh Limited surpassed all advertisers by airing around 51,900 minutes of TV commercials (TVC). Unilever contributed almost 22% of total TVC duration. Marico Bangladesh became the second top advertiser with almost 20,560 minutes TVCs. bKash and Pran RFL remained close with around 14,760 and 14,470 minutes TVCs respectively while finishing at third and fourthRead More
We monitor and analyze commercials those are aired on TV and Radio media. It could be your brand or product or your competitors’. We check if the broadcast media is promoting your product and services complying with the agreement. We further notify you about which of your competitors are choosing TV and Radio media for advertising their products and other key information like media selection, duration of commercials, prime hour of classified ads etc. The cross-checking of TV and Radio commercials is conducted by humans and is free-from error.Read More
Ryans’ 24/7 monitoring of TV and Radio enables you to have relative audio or video files converted into text and translated. It could be an interview, a talk show, a seminar speech, a video documentary or else: We offer you error-free transcribing service without missing single information valuable to serve your purpose. The transcribed and translated text file is prepared through several steps including manual listening, transcribing, proofreading and translation. Our transcription and translation services are 100 % human-generated.Read More
Ryans’ Media Monitoring Team finds out all news from print, online and broadcast media that are important for you to know. We sort out news in different segments so that you can separately identify what is being said in the media about your company, your competitors and the industry. All the selected news are translated, summarized and provided in a single file. With the previous experience and industry knowledge, we make news synopsis on daily media focus highlighting key information and data. We have 100+ national & regional newspapers andRead More
In September, 49 noted newspapers published advertisements on more than 40 categories. Total 318,800 column-inches of advertisements were published in print media. Highest column-inches of ads were published on Banking Services. Banking Service became the most advertised category among 40 different types of products and services with more than 47,400 column-inches of advertisements. Construction Materials became the second highest promoted ad category with almost 6,950 column-inches ads. Housing & Real Estate consumed over 6,200 column-inches while securing the third position followed by Cosmetics & Toiletries and Electric & Electronics products.Read More
Ryans Archives Limited monitors 24/7 TV and Radio broadcast. We offer most cost-effective broadcast monitoring service for TV news, customizable to each client’s specific needs to find what’s being said and shown about companies, brands, people and issues throughout the local and foreign Clients may also order high-definition video clips delivered via downloaded files or DVD. With Ryans’ Media Monitoring solution, you will understand the impact of your story and gain valuable market and media intelligence.Read More