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Total seven motorbike companies advertised their brands in Bangladeshi newspapers during August. TVS Motor Company Limited got highest print media coverage for its brands by consuming around 350 column-inches of different newspapers. Hero Motocorp Limited stayed just behind TVS by consuming almost 340 column-inches space on noted print media. Suzuki Motor Corporation followed Hero with almost 270 column-inches of advertisements while Bajaj Auto Limited became the fourth highest promoted motorbike company with more than 200 column-inches of advertisements. Honda Motor Company Limited, Yamaha Motor Company Limited and Runner Automobiles LimitedRead More
Commercials on Consumer Products consumed a significant share of total TVC duration the month of August, 2019. More than 231,300 minutes of TVCs were aired during the month. Consumer products were advertised for almost 16,700 minutes which is more than 7pc of the total TVC duration. Total 17 companies endorsed their consumer products in August. Unilever Bangladesh Limited stayed at the top in TVC duration with more than 7,050 minutes of TVCs. Unilever maintained top place while promoting 19 brands. Reckitt Benkiser Bangladesh Limited ranked second with more than 4,900Read More

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Islami Bank Airs Highest TVCs in August

During August 2019, corporate banks maintained a significant appearance on local TV channels while promoting various banking services. Total 10 banks kept presence on TV in the respective month. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited stepped ahead of all banks in airing highest minutes of TVCs with an ad-spent of more than 1,100 minutes. Dutch-Bangla Bank stayed behind Islami Bank by airing more than 900 minutes of TVCs. IFIC became the third most promoted bank on TV with almost 700 minutes tv commercials followed by Premier Bank, First Security Islami Bank andRead More
Almost 220,700 minutes of TVCs were shown on TV during the month of July, 2019. During this period, more than 650 brands of 350 different companies were advertised. Unilever’s products were highest promoted products on TV in the respective month. Unilever alone consumed more than 41,350 minutes of TV commercials followed by GSK, Pran-RFL, Walton and Marico. Among brands, Horlicks became most advertised brand followed by Fair & Lovely, Walton Refrigerator, Lux Soap and Sunsilk Shampoo. Among products, Cosmetics & Toiletries products were at the top in terms of durationRead More
A large number of people purchase refrigerators and deep fridges ahead of the festival to preserve the meat of sacrificial animals. Refrigerator sales have soared across the country, ahead of Eid-ul-Adha, due to growing demands among consumers. At the same time, refrigerator brands have maintained significance appearance on both TV and Radio media while being promoted. Alongside TVCs, radio commercials or RDCs have become popular in brand or product promotion. During July, seven refrigerator brands were promoted through radio commercials by airing almost 3,400 minutes of RDCs. Walton Refrigerator surpassedRead More

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L-shaped advertising on TV

Proper advertising of your brand is quite challenging. It is difficult to reach to every consumer through advertising your products using the right techniques. Advertising agencies are coming up with brand new ideas and creative concepts to promote products while making an impact on the audience. Alongside traditional TV commercials, advertising agencies are coming up with new types of advertisements. L-shaped advertisements, which you will find frequently appearing during a TV program, have become very popular in Bangladesh. It is because through this particular type of advertising, you can promoteRead More
Over the month of June, more than 1,650 different television commercials or TVCs were shown on 31 local TV channels. Top five advertisers introduced 324 TVCs in June including old and new TVCs, consuming almost 20pc of total number of TVCs. Pran-RFL Group maintained the top position with 203 TVCs, which was almost 12pc of the total number of TVCs shown on TV in the month. Total 38 TVCs of Unilever Bangladesh Limited were shown on TV during the discussed month. Walton became the third top advertiser in TV mediaRead More
Among almost 500 companies, Pran-RFL Group aired more than 15,050 minutes of television commercials and surpassed all its competitors in the month of July, 2019. Pran-RFL Group was followed by Marico Bangladesh Limited, Unilever Bangladesh Limited, GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh Limited, Reckitt Benkiser Bangladesh Limited. Top five companies consumed more than 32 % of the total duration. Marico Bangladesh Limited secured the second position with duration of almost 14,100 minutes. Unilever Bangladesh Limited was ranked third while keeping presence on screen by airing almost 12,400 minutes TVCs. GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh Limited secured theRead More
During the month of June, almost 1,000 brands of more than 500 companies kept their presence on screen. More than 178,700 minutes of television commercials or TVCs were shown on 31 tv channels while promoting these brands. Bath Soap brands were promoted for highest minutes on TV with more than 11,750 minutes of TVCs. Dettol Soap got highest promotion on TV among the bath soap brands. Hair Oil brands secured the second position with more than 10,430 minutes of TVCs. Parachute Advance Coconut Oil was the top Hair Oil brandRead More