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Among 45 beverage products, Horlicks surpassed all competitors in airing highest duration of TV commercials in February. Horlicks appeared almost 40,280 times on screen with TVC duration of more than 13,430 minutes. Like the previous month, Horlicks maintained a large gap with its nearest competitors in telecasting TVCs in terms of minutes. Coca Cola, 7up, Lipton Tea, and Ispahani Tea were the closest competitors of Horlicks. Securing the second position, Coca Cola appeared more than 4,900 times on TV with a TVC duration of more than 2,520 minutes. 7up wasRead More
In the month of February, 11 Bath Soap brands telecast over 12,550 minutes of TVCs to endorse their products on television. The top five Bath Soap brands consumed almost 90 % of the total TVC duration. Dettol Soap is at the top with a TVC duration of almost 4,230 minutes appearing more than 12,750 times on screen. Lux Soap was the closest competitor airing almost 4,150 minutes of TVCs appearing almost 16,900 times on screen. Lifebuoy, another top brand secured the third place in airing TVCs on screen with aRead More
More than 2,30,000 minutes of TVCs have been telecast in the month of February, 2017 in 27 TV channels. Total 775 brands of 370 companies telecasted TVCs under 37 product categories. The top 5 categories for this month are- The top two brands for this month are- Banglalink with almost 11,500 minutes and Grameenphone with more than 9,000 minutes of runtime. The top two companies are as always Unilever Bangladesh with more than 53,500 minutes and PRAN-RFL group with more than 24,000 minutes of runtime. Among all the companies, withRead More
As summer season begins, several refrigerator brands have boosted promotion of their products highlighting various features. Commercials of refrigerator brands become comparatively more frequent at the latter half of the month since the beginning of Baishakh. In April, more than 5500 minutes of television commercials have been aired endorsing refrigerators of 8 brands on 26 TV channels. With more than 2000 minutes of TVCs, Walton Refrigerator ranks number one among the available brands in the market. Most Popular 210-060 Dump For CCNA Collaboration Iori Ren said Polyester ah, you andRead More