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Cosmetics & Toiletries Brands Air Highest Commercials in Radio during Dec- 2019

During December 2019, 18 radio stations broadcast more than 36,400 minutes of Radio Commercials or RDCs. Among 32 different types of products, Cosmetics & Toiletries products were advertised for the highest minutes in Radio Media with almost 7,780 minutes of RDCs. Cosmetics & Toiletries products contributed more than 21% of the total RDC duration. A total of 32 brands were promoted in Radio media in the ‘Cosmetics & Toiletries’ category.  Vaseline Lotion surpassed all ‘Cosmetics & Toiletries’ brands with more than 2,320 minutes of RDCs. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly aired second-highest minutes of RDCs which is almost 1,550 minutes, followed by Meril Petroleum Jelly, Dettol Handwash, Meril Baby Lotion, Meril Lip Care and Sandalina Soap. Five out of seven top ‘Cosmetics & Toiletries’ brands were winter products.

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