Lux Top Bath Soap Brand with Highest Appearance on TV in April 2019

Like previous months, top brands of different companies continued to compete with each other in promoting their different products via 31 television channels in April. Almost 253,500 minutes of television commercials were aired during the month. Bath Soap brands consumed a significant share of TVC duration as summer heat continues to drive up. In the month of April, 13 Bath Soap brands telecast almost 20,200 minutes of TVCs to endorse their products on television. The top five Bath Soap brands consumed more than 95 % of the total TVC duration. Lux Soap surpassed all its competitors with a TVC duration of almost 8,500 minutes. Previous month’s top bath soap brand Dettol was the closest competitor of Lux Soap airing almost 5,250 minutes of TVCs. Lifebuoy, another top brand secured the third place in airing TVCs on screen with a duration of more than 4,000 minutes. Sandalina Soap and Kumarika Soap were ranked fourth and fifth top Bath Soap brands with TVC durations 925 minutes and 550 minutes respectively.

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