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Mobile Phone Operators Contribute Highest in TVC Duration in December 2019

In December, 31 TV channels telecast almost 209,500 minutes of commercials (TVC). Around 330 companies advertised almost 650 brands on TV during the month. More than 200 products got promoted through TVCs. Among them, Mobile Phone Operators (MPO) stayed ahead of all companies with the highest TVC duration. Four private MPOs aired around 28,840 minutes of TVCs. Grameenphone surpassed its competitors by contributing the highest in TVCs among MPOs. State-owned Teletalk didn’t air any TVC in December. Bath Soap secured the second-highest advertised product on TV with almost 10,800-minute TVCs. Hair Oil products became the third place with around 10,460 minutes of TVCs. Body Lotion was at four with 10,270 minutes of TVCs while Toothpaste maintained fifth place by airing more than 8,450-minutes TVCs. The top five products contributed almost 33 % to the total TVC duration in the respective month.

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