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Pran-RFL Airs Highest Minutes of Commercials in Radio in September- 2019

In September, around 70 companies chose Radio media to advertise their products and services. More than 150 brands were promoted in different radio stations throughout the month. More than 22,350 minutes of Radio commercials or RDCs were aired in the respective month. Pran-RFL Group stayed ahead of all companies by airing highest minutes of RDCs, which is more than 4,500 minutes. Akij Food & Beverage became the 2nd highest promoted company in Radio with more than 1,760 minutes RDCs. Nagad followed Akij Food with more than 1,460 minutes of RDCs while Robi and Walton Group stayed at 4th and 5th with around 1,400 minutes and 1,250 minutes of RDCs respectively.

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