Review of Print Media Advertising, January 2019

In January, 49 noted national newspapers published more than 4,19,200 column-inches advertisements of different kinds. Among more than 40 categories the advertisements of Banking Services were at the top with almost 44,600 column-inches of advertisements, which is almost 11% of the total print media advertising volume at the time. More than 1,960 brands of over 1,280 companies kept their presence on print media at the time. Unilever Bangladesh Limited is at the top, as the company published more than 4,300 column-inches of advertisements to promote 23 brands. Pran-RFL Group was the closest competitor of Unilever with more than 4,300 column-inches of advertisements. Sonali Bank secured the third position with more than 3,600 column-inches of advertisements. Dutch Bangla Bank was the fourth top advertiser with almost 3,400 column-inches of advertisement. Export-Import Bank of Bangladesh followed Dutch Bangla Bank with more than 2,900 column-inches of advertisements. Prothom Alo was the most preferred choice for the advertisers at the time, as the daily surpassed all other newspapers by allocating more than 23,800 column-inches of advertisements during this period.

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