Scenario of L-shaped TV ads during July 2019

Top advertisers have not kept their advertising experience limited in traditional advertisements. L-shaped advertisements have become popular among companies and advertising agencies in the country. During July, almost 180 different types of L-shapes were shown on TV. Total 69 companies promoted 117 brands through L-shaped advertising. The total duration of L-shapes in June was recorded more than 5,300 minutes. Top five brands appeared on screen for almost 50pc of the total duration. Walton Refrigerator’s becomes the top brand by appearing on screen for more than 1,500 minutes in L-shape. Walton Refrigerator’s L-shape appeared on screen for more than 8,300 times while leaving behind BSRM, Walton TV, Parachute Advance Aloevera and Walton AC.

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