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Products/Services of Print & Online Media:

News & Ads Image & Customized Alert Services:
Ryans Archives Limited provides News-Clippings from hundreds of Daily Newspapers, Periodicals, Magazines, Regional newspapers, and Online News Portals across Bangladesh. Our customized, keyword-specific tracking of news is designed to provide valuable, accurate and specified categorical information to our clients. We provide news-clippings in JPG format powered by an easily navigable database of all dailies and periodicals published in the last 18 years. An advanced and user-friendly technology will enable you to continue your search by subject category, keyword, author/reporter, size, page no, page name, media, date range and word match with the title.

•     We collect daily information across the widespread media available.
•    Our force will search for relevant media mentions within the last 24 hours.
•    Our search is completely topical and relevant.
•    All services are delivered in any format to meet the clients’ requirements.
•    We provide an exceptionally satisfying print & online media monitoring and tracking service which enables your business to gain information about a large range of statistics, details, photographs and news articles. These could be content, analysis, size, publication, and a whole lot more.

Synopsis & Translation:
The synopsis services allow our clients to understand the essence of content at a glance. A quick look over the synopsis will help you to maintain accuracy and unambiguity by reducing your professional hassles. We also provide word by word translation in English to deliver a detailed description of any News, if required.

Advertisement & News Monitoring Reports/Analysis:
We provide daily, weekly, and monthly print and online media reports on advertisement and news of companies, competitors, and the industry. The information on the ad & News campaign of any product/market will help you to come up with the right plan. The detailed and organized data interpretation will help you to get the best value of your investment in print and online media.

Products/Services of TV & Radio Media:

Advertisement & News Monitoring Reports/Analysis:
We provide daily, weekly, and monthly Detail/QC Reports on commercials & News aired in TV Channels or Radio Stations based on company/organization, competitors & related Industry. We deliver detailed and organized data interpretation in Excel format that helps our clients to get the best out of their investment in TV and radio media.

News, Talkshow, Interview, Documentary & Program Footage:
We deliver reference video and audio footages of news, talk shows, interview, documentary, and all other programs telecast by all local TV channels and radio stations. We also provide an advanced tool to search by subject category, keyword, presenter/ newscaster, reporter, size, media, date range and word match with the title.

We also provide synopsis, a short and precise description, of any News and Talk Shows in English. It helps our clients to save their valuable time and focus on the job to be done in a cost-effective manner. We also provide detailed transcription of any News & Talk Shows, if required.