Seven Refrigerator Brands Promoted on Radio During July

A large number of people purchase refrigerators and deep fridges ahead of the festival to preserve the meat of sacrificial animals. Refrigerator sales have soared across the country, ahead of Eid-ul-Adha, due to growing demands among consumers. At the same time, refrigerator brands have maintained significance appearance on both TV and Radio media while being promoted. Alongside TVCs, radio commercials or RDCs have become popular in brand or product promotion. During July, seven refrigerator brands were promoted through radio commercials by airing almost 3,400 minutes of RDCs. Walton Refrigerator surpassed other similar brands by airing more than 1,800 minutes of RDCs. Marcel Refrigerator secured the second position by airing almost 450 minutes of RDCs. Eco Plus Refrigerator became third most advertised refrigerator brand on radio with more than 400 minutes of RDCs. Singer Refrigerator aired more than 300 minutes ads while securing the fourth place. Vision, Jamuna and Minister Refrigerators became least advertised refrigerator brand on radio in July. Walton alone aired more than 50 % of the total ad-spent in this area.

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