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Summary of online news reports on Mobile Handsets in March 2019

In the month of March 2019, total 143 online media were recorded to have published reports on 24 mobile handset manufacturing companies. Total 812 reports on mobile handsets were recorded to have been published on local online media. The top 10 mobile handset companies of March are: Samsung Group, Huawei Technologies Bangladesh Limited, Xiaomi Corporation, Walton Group, Vivo Communication Technology Company Limited, Mobile Handset Industry, Apple Inc., Oppo Electronics Corporation, Motorola Inc., and TECNO Mobile. published the highest 55 reports on mobile handsets while became second with 51 reports on similar topic. became third with 47 reports related to mobile handsets followed by (39) and (32). Samsung Group was the most highlighted company online during the month of March. Total 229 reports related to Samsung Group were published by different online media in March. Huawei Technologies Bangladesh Limited was second most highlighted handset manufacturing company with 191 reports published in different online media. Xiaomi followed Huawei with 88 reports. Walton Group and Vivo Communication Technology Company Limited became the fourth and fifth most highlighted companies online respectively. More than 75 % of the news were made on top five companies.

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