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Summary of Radio Commercials in November 2019

In November 2019, more than 70 companies run commercials in Radio Media. 16 Radio Stations aired almost 32,740 minutes of Radio Commercials or RDCs while promoting more than 175 brands were advertised during the month of November. Pran-RFL Group aired almost 4,470 minutes of RDCs, which was highest among RDC duration of individual advertisers. Unilever remained Pran’s nearest competitor in RDC duration with around 3,620 minutes of RDCs, followed by Akij Food & Beverage Ltd, Berger Paints and Walton Group. ABC Radio broadcast highest RDCs followed by Radio Today, Dhaka FM, Jago FM and Radio Aamar. Top five brands consumed around 30 % of the total RDC duration. Vaseline Lotion became the top brand of November in Radio with highest 2,970 minutes of RDC. Berger remained at the second position with 2,370 minutes RDCs, followed by Grameenphone, Robi and Daraz.com.

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