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Summary of Radio Commercials, January 2019

More than 180 brands of over 80 companies promoted their products and services via radio in January. Almost 31,400 minutes of commercials were aired in 16 radio stations at the time. The top five companies in the figure above telecast more than 13,500 minutes of radio commercials combined, which is around 40% of the total RDC duration at the time. Pran-RFL Group surpassed all its competitors and secured the top position among companies by airing over 6,700 minutes of radio commercials while promoting 49 of its brands. Pran-RFL was followed by Airtel Bangladesh Limited, Unilever Bangladesh Limited, Walton Group, and Akij Food & Beverage Limited. Airtel secured the second position with 2,100 minutes of RDCs while Unilever, Walton, and Akij promoted their products through radio commercials with durations of 1900, 1600, and 1200 minutes respectively. The company consumed around 21% of the total RDC duration at the time. Among 27 categories, Telecommunication is at the top with more than 5,300 minutes of commercials of its kind, which is almost 17% of the total RDC duration at the time.

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