Summary of Top Five Advertisers with Number of Unique TVCs

Over the month of June, more than 1,650 different television commercials or TVCs were shown on 31 local TV channels. Top five advertisers introduced 324 TVCs in June including old and new TVCs, consuming almost 20pc of total number of TVCs. Pran-RFL Group maintained the top position with 203 TVCs, which was almost 12pc of the total number of TVCs shown on TV in the month. Total 38 TVCs of Unilever Bangladesh Limited were shown on TV during the discussed month. Walton became the third top advertiser in TV media in terms of number of commercials shown. The company kept presence on TV with 34 TVCs. Marico Bangladesh Limited aired total 25 different TVCs while Dutch-Bangla Bank promoted its services through 24 TVCs. Dutch-Bangla Bank was followed by Kohinoor Chemical Company Limited, Cocola Food Products Limited, Square Food & Beverage Limited, Abdul Monem Limited and ACI Limited.

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