Sunsilk Shampoo Surpasses Competitors With Highest TVC Duration

During the month of April 2019, 31 local television channels aired almost 253,500 minutes of TVCs of more than 350 companies. More than 700 brands were promoted throughout the month. Cosmetics & Toiletries maintained the top place among 40 categories with over 73,100 minutes of television commercials of its kind, which is almost 29 % of the total TVC duration at the time. Shampoo brands consumed almost 6 % of the total ad-spent endorsed on TV under this category. Sunsilk Shampoo surpassed all other shampoo brands with more than 1,850 minutes of TV commercials followed by Clear Shampoo, Dove Shampoo, Head & Shoulder Shampoo and Pantene Shampoo. Clear Shampoo secured the second position with an ad-spent of 1,640 minutes while Dove Shampoo became the third most advertised shampoo brand with 810 minutes of television commercials. Head & Shoulder and Pantene Shampoos were the least advertised shampoo brands with 120 seconds and 45 seconds of TVCs respectively.

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