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Top five banks highlighted in print media during March 2019

During the month of March 2019, news under the banking category consumed significant share of total column-inches published in print media. During this month, 46 noted national newspapers published more than 46,900 column-inches of banking-related news. Total 65 banking and MFS-based organizations were highlighted in print media through news of different kinds. Top five organizations consumed more than 44 % share of total column-inches of news published in 46 national dailies. Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of Bangladesh became the top organization to have been highlighted most in national dailies with more than 9,800 column-inches of news. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited was the second most reported bank in national dailies with more than 3,820 column-inches of news. bkash Limited became third most discussed organization in print media with almost 3,030 column-inches of news. BRAC Bank Limited became third consuming more than 2,080 column-inches in print media. Mercantile Bank Limited was the fifth organization with 1920 column-inches of news. Financial Express became the top bank with almost 2,740 column-inches of banking-related news. Daily Star, the leading English daily of the country, became the closest newspaper of Financial Express publishing almost 2,680 column-inches news of similar type. Bonik Barta secured the third place with more than 2,540 column-inches of banking news followed by New Age and Daily Sun.

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