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TVC of Bath Soap Brands Consumes 7pc of Total TVC Duration in August 2019

Bath Soap brands kept significant presence on screen during August through TV commercials. Around 231,300 minutes of TVCs were aired on local tv channels in August. Total 15 bath soap brands were endorsed on TV with more than 15,950 minutes of commercials, which is around 7pc of the total TVC duration. Lux Soap became the most advertised soap on TV with more than 7,600 minutes TVCs leaving behind Dettol, Lifebuoy, Meril, Sandalina and five more soap brands. Dettol was the second highest promoted soap brand with almost 2,950 minutes TVCs. Lifebuoy was advertised on TV for almost 2,300 minutes while staying at third in the list. Meril and Sandalina soap brands stayed at fourth and fifth with around 1,000 minutes and 760 minutes respectively.

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