TVC scenario of consumer products during March 2019

In the month of March 2019, almost 2,59,400 minutes of tv commercials of different kinds were aired on 31 television channels. Among 40 different kinds of product categories, Consumer products consumed almost 7.5 % of the total ad-spend with TVC duration of almost 19,400 minutes. Total 36 consumer products kept their presence on tv during March. Film-Movie became the most popular segment for airing TVC of consumer products. More than 30 % (in terms of minutes) TVCs of consumer products were aired during Movie breaks. News became the second-most preferred segment with more than 27 % share of ad-spend in this category followed by other segments including Talk Show, Drama, and other Entertainment programs. Rin Power White maintained the top position among consumer products with TVC duration of almost 2,000 minutes. Lizol Floor Cleaner was just behind Rin with TVC duration of more than 1,900 minutes. Harpic Toilet Cleaner secured the third place with a TVC duration of more than 1,740 minutes followed by Surf Excel and Harpic Toilet Cleaning Powder.

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