TVC-Summary of top five product categories in April, 2019

Total 230 types of products kept their presence on screen during the month of April, by airing television commercials in 31 channels. Almost 253,500 minutes of tv commercials or TVCs were aired throughout the month. Mobile Phone Operators led April’s TVC scenario followed by Bath Soap, Hair Oil, Milk Nutritious and Toothpaste products. Mobile Phone Operators surpassed other products by airing more than 21,450 minutes of TVCs while Grameenphone became the top operator in terms of TVC duration. Bath Soap secured the second place by airing almost 20,200 minutes of TVCs at the time, while Lux Soap became the most advertised Bath Soap in April. Hair Oil was ranked third with a TVC duration of more than 11,900 minutes while Parachute Advanced Beliphool became the most advertised Hair Oil brand. Milk Nutritious products and Toothpaste products became the fourth and fifth top products on screen by airing around 10,900 and 9,700 minutes of TVCs respectively.

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