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Vaseline Becomes Highest Advertised Body Lotion Brand on TV in Dec- 19

Local TV channels aired almost 10,270 minutes of TVCs on Body Lotion brands during the month of December 2019. Total seven body lotion brands were promoted on 31 local TV channels. Among the body lotion brands, Vaseline Body Lotion was advertised for the highest duration with almost 4,840 minutes of TVCs. Vaseline Body Lotion contributed more than 47 % to the total TVC duration. Parachute Body Lotion aired more than 3,880 minutes of TVCs on TV during the respective month. Other five brands including Meril Revive Body Lotion, Beautina Body Lotion, Advanced Whitening Body Lotion, Parachute Advanced Body Lotion, and Boro Plus Body Lotion didn’t maintain significant appearance on TV.

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