Walton-AC Dominates Air Conditioner Brands on TV in April 2019

Different air conditioner brands kept their presence on television during April as the summer heat continues to drive up. Total 10 air conditioner brands were advertised on 31 channels for more than 3,230 minutes during the month of April. Top five brands consumed almost 95 % share of the total ad-spent of the respective brand category with more than 3,070 minutes of television commercials. Walton-AC dominated the air conditioner brand in the month. Walton-AC was aired 2,040 times to dominate the brand with almost 1,050 minutes of TVCs. While securing the second position, Singer AC was aired almost 3,160 times with 790 minutes of ad-spent. LG Butterfly AC was the third most advertised air conditioner brand on television with 624 minutes of TVCs. Eco Plus AC became the fourth top air conditioner brand keeping its presence on TV for 440 minutes. Vision AC was the fifth most advertised AC brand with more than 170 minutes of television commercials. Independent TV was the most preferred channel for the advertisers of air conditioner brands.

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